Why I Cheer

Hannah Mowforth (Cheerleader) - I love cheerleading, especially because everyone encourages you to try new things. Since I started I haven't been coming as long as some but I have learnt so much! It's like now I'm learning how to back handspring which I never thought I would ever be anywhere close to being able to do. At my first competition I was so scared until we got on the mat and it has to be the best thing I have done especially when we won 1st place! We are definitely all one big cheer family!!

Nicola Jones (Mum) - Love how everyone is made to feel welcome, Scarlett has finally found somewhere that she is part of a team and not treat any different xxx also you're all super awesome xxx

Macy Campbell (Cheerleader) - I love the way everyone is like a big family, always looking out for each other and never stopping, making one another as happy and as proud as they can be, and the coaches are always giving you praise and helping you in every way <3

Summer (Cheerleader) - I loved becoming a cheerleader as I have made so many friends, they always listen and make me welcome. They encourage me to learn more. I like it when we are all cheerleading as we are all happy and help each other. I love all the team and the coaches xx

Kelly Tomlinson (Mum) - DWS is a big part of my daughters life, they are the most amazing team and I love how they make everyone feel like one big happy family. They welcomed my daughter with open arms, even knowing she suffers with a heart problem. They listen to everyone's problems and work all hours outside their own life to encourage these girls to do more with their lives and become the team they are now. Wonderful and a big inspiration to so many young children's lives. I am so proud to be a cheer Mum x

Chloe Stanford (Cheerleader) - I cheer because, I love it that we're all a big family and we all respect each other even if we're different, also when I first came everyone was very welcoming and friendly, that's what made me feel that I belong here. If I didn't go to cheer I don't know where I would be.

Chloe Creech (Mum) - My daughter started DWS in September 2015, all the cheer girls welcomed her form day one she has made so many friends and her confidence has grown so much. The DWS coaches and mums are amazing, I have met some lovely people since Louise started. The cheer girls support and encourage each other every training session and even more so at a competition <3

Emma Thacker (Mum) - Let's not beat around the bush!! This cheer group ain't just a cheer group.... it's taken in so many different characters all classed as equals but also recognised for their own abilities strengths and personalities... not only does it show disabling structures and respect and most of all responsibilities to the team to ba AS ONE.. the children here not only learn to "cheer" they learn to support others in every day environment.. by being someone's "support" it's like being someone's "catch" as in the trust game!! You're not just becoming a cheerleader you're learning for later life!!!...

Kayleigh Ball (Cheerleader) - I love cheer because everybody makes me feel welcome <3